About Us

Goodcare AtHome Rehab is a mobile outpatient therapy clinic. We are the innovative leader in providing in home physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services to those who:

  • Do not qualify for home health therapy per Medicare home health guidelines
  • Do not wish to travel to an outpatient clinic
  • Desire to “age in place” but are having difficulty with daily living tasks or mobility
  • Recently discharged from a hospital or rehab stay (but is not homebound) and would benefit from therapy to reinforce skills learned in home setting

Our outpatient therapy services are tailored to meet your individual needs and address any aspect of your daily life that may be a new or ongoing difficulty. We provide direct treatment as well as family or caregiver consultation. If you think you may qualify for or are in need of in home therapy services, click here to see if Goodcare AtHome is the right fit for you.

Our Story

Goodcare AtHome Rehab was founded in 2014 by Jill Gabbert, an occupational therapist. She was motivated to meet the needs of her patients who didn't qualify for home health therapy services, but would still greatly benefit from therapy in their home. She felt her patients would be more successful at home and also less likely to return to the hospital if a therapist could help them reinforce what they learned in rehab to their home setting. Goodcare AtHome Rehab became the first mobile outpatient clinic in the upper midwest region of the US that was solely dedicated to assisting their patients to live their best life, in the place they call home. Her vision was to build a company with Jesus as the cornerstone, rich in Christian principles of joyful and humble service, generosity of heart, integrity, and genuine care for all they meet.