Why do you need a therapy partner?

Quickly Identify Decline and Help Residents Regain Health

In an aging population, we frequently see people’s conditions change in a short amount of time. When these changes go unaddressed, residents’ health can decline quickly, making it harder for them to return to their prior level of function. As society ages — and as assisted living becomes a more popular long-term-care choice — millions of people are expected to need help with ADLs in these settings. Of the more than 1 million current assisted-living residents, 81 percent need help with at least one ADL.

Having therapists at your facility allows you to keep your residents healthier. Our therapists will educate with your staff on identifying decline or changes in condition and when to notify the therapists. We will collaborate with your staff on the best plan of treatment for each resident with the goal of addressing the change in condition before it worsens.

Having a Therapy Partner Helps Residents Transition to Their New Home

Physical, occupational, and speech therapists will assist your residents in adapting to their new home and lifestyle. As people transition from an independent life in their own house to your facility, they will need assistance in learning new compensation techniques to handle routine activities in their new home. Goodcare AtHome Rehab therapists will identify the specific needs of each resident and formulate a custom therapy plan for them as they transition.

Whether your new residents are in need of in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, our therapists make it easier on you and your staff by handling all of your residents’ rehab and therapy needs so you can focus on other areas of your organization.

Partner With Memory and Cognition Experts

Memory and cognitive decline can be a challenging area for facility staff to manage. Residents may attempt to mask the changes that are occurring because they may feel embarrassed by their forgetfulness, or they have concerns they may have to leave their home. Partnering with memory and cognition experts will help manage these concerns for both you and your residents.

Our approach to memory and cognition focuses building on the cognitive strengths of each resident.

Through our STEP Program, our speech therapists help residents with mild cognitive impairments understand their condition and teach them compensation techniques for the changes they see in their ability to complete cognitive tasks.

Our Head, Hands, Heart dementia management program is designed to pair the resident's cognitive ability with activities that will meet their cognitive and sensory needs. In both programs, we collaborate and consult with activity staff, caregivers and families on the resident's individual needs for meaningful activity and purpose.

Partnering With Goodcare AtHome Rehab

Partnering with us is simple!

As our partner, you will receive timely and personal attention to all your requests. Our referral process is streamlined to place very little work on your staff. We offer inservices to your residents as well as your staff based on individual needs of your facility. We place a strong emphasis on collaboration with the entire care team to develop a plan that comprehensively meets the needs of each resident.

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists take the time to build lasting relationships with residents, families, and staff. We are a familiar face for them which places a higher level of comfort and trust when working with our therapists. Since the resident is already familiar and comfortable with therapist this allows for the first sessions to be more productive vs rapport building, reducing cost of therapy services to your resident. This attention to relationship allows for strong communication among all parties and a more comfortable therapy experience for residents. Our overarching goal is to keep each person well and maximize their abilities so they can live their best life.

In-Home Therapists Keep Your Residents Well

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one third of adults ages 65 and older fall each year in the United States. Falls are the leading cause of deaths due to injuries and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma for the aging population. While falls aren't the only change in condition affecting your residents, it is one that provokes a great deal of concern and worry for families, and all involved in the care of your residents.

While partnering with in-home therapists is great for responding to and treating decline in health, such as a fall. It is also a tremendous benefit to have a therapy partner who proactive in your residents’ overall well-being. Many facilities we partner with already provide superior wellness programs. When available, our therapists will refer and encourage participation in those programs. We strongly believe that everyone should live their best life, and that can only be done if you are well.

When your residents are well, they feel better and have greater life enjoyment. This feeling of well-being will enhance their level of satisfaction with your facility. Your facility will be looked at as a community that promotes complete wellness and happiness, which will influence those looking for your services in the future.

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