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The benefits of partnering with Goodcare AtHome Rehab are unmatched! We offer an innovative approach to in home outpatient therapy that will exceed your expectations! We collaborate with you as you care for your residents and offer a range partnership options that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our desire is to bridge a gap in therapy services for your residents where therapy in the home is most effective and provides long-term benefits, not only to the resident, but to all those involved in their care.

Goodcare AtHome Rehab is solely created for and dedicated to in-home outpatient therapy. Our therapists are experts in assessment and treatment of conditions that impact a client's ability to return to and remain in their home. Our approach to therapy is not only responsive to needs or conditions that have already occurred with your residents, but preventative as well. We partner with your team to aid them in their efforts to prevent or respond to a change in condition that can occur frequently in an aging population. Partnering with us improves resident, family, and care team communication, which helps address potential areas of concern before a more serious need develops requiring a transition to a higher level of care.

Goodcare AtHome Rehab understands that relationship building with each resident, their family, and those who care for them, is of the upmost importance. Therefore, from evaluation through discharge, we've designed our business model to do just that.

Goodcare AtHome Rehab specializes in providing outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services to senior care facilities or agencies such as:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Independent senior living communities
  • Skilled nursing facilities for “rehab to home” transition services
  • Hospitals and ambulatory medical centers
  • Skilled and non-skilled home health agencies
  • Community service centers for seniors

Partnering with Goodcare AtHome Rehab:

An Additional Advantage

While Goodcare AtHome Rehab partners independently with the above listed facilities or agencies, Goodcare, our sister company, offers contract therapy management services in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, school, and skilled home health agencies.

Goodcare and Goodcare AtHome Rehab together, offer an unparalleled team approach to therapy services, from their inpatient stay through discharge with Goodcare AtHome Rehab providing transition to home outpatient therapy services. If you are a nursing home or hospital administrator and looking for the whole package in a therapy company, look no further!

Contact Polly Rames, President of Goodcare, LLC at 605-231-2490, or visit for more information.

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