How do I receive AtHome outpatient rehab services?

In order to receive AtHome Rehab services, a you must be referred by a physician, nurse, community agency, family member, or you may refer yourself. The reason for the referral should be communicated to our office. A referral for our in-home therapy services can be phoned into the office at 605-231-2490 or faxed to 605-336-0812.

Upon referral, Goodcare AtHome Rehab will confirm that the client’s therapy needs are best met by our outpatient rehab services. If the client’s therapy needs are best met by our outpatient therapy services, we will secure a physician order and notify our therapy team.

Prior to the your scheduled appointment, our office will require some basic information from you as well as your insurance provider and applicable insurance information. You can fill out our intake form located in the “Contact Us” page of our website and return it via fax or call with the required information.

Reimbursement for in-home rehab services will be billed under Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance or a managed Medicare plan if applicable. Goodcare AtHome Rehab will bill you the “patient responsibility” amount as indicated by the insurance company.

We recognize the client-therapist relationship is built on trust, respect, and consistency. Therefore, we do our very best to provide each of our clients the benefit of working with the same therapist for the duration of their treatment.

Who is a candidate for rehab at home?

You qualify for in-home outpatient therapy if:

  • You live in a private home, senior housing, or assisted living facility
  • You have a need for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy
  • You are not considered homebound as defined by Medicare
  • Traveling to an outpatient clinic would be difficult or inconsistent
  • The focus of your treatment is on functional activities in your home environment
  • In home-caregiver training is needed due to dementia or other concerns
  • You have been recently discharged from a hospital, rehab center, skilled nursing facility, or skilled home health service and would benefit from continued outpatient therapy at home
  • You have a strong desire to remain in your home as long as possible

Upon referral to Goodcare AtHome Rehab, we take great care to ensure that you do not qualify for skilled home health therapy services, payable by Medicare Part A benefit. If you meet the criteria for skilled home health services and are home-bound based on Medicare’s definition, our team will notify you. We will then assist you in locating a home health agency of your choice that meets your in home care needs.


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