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AtHome Outpatient Therapy Services

When therapists ask their clients what their ultimate goal is, “return home” or “be able to care for myself” are always at the top of their list. Nearly 90% of people want to stay in their homes as they age or recover from illness or injury, but if they don’t qualify for home health services, they feel their options are limited in how to achieve that goal.

Goodcare AtHome Rehab bridges that gap by providing in-home outpatient therapy that helps our clients achieve their goals! We are the innovative leader in providing outpatient therapy services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, where it matters most, at home.

Our compassionate and dedicated therapists make your goals, our goals.

Benefits of AtHome Therapy services

  • Convenience. No travel required and or sitting in a waiting room.
  • Private setting. Your home is a quiet, comfortable setting where privacy during your session is not a concern.
  • Familiar environment. Therapy is completed in the place you live and spend majority of your time. Treatments are functional and meaningful.
  • Personalized care. Our therapists are able to spend more time with you each session, therefore dramatically increasing the quality of therapy provided.
  • Energy is saved for therapy sessions, not spent traveling to therapy sessions, which may hinder healing.
  • Reduction of behavior concerns in those with dementia and slow functional decline (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, December 2016)

Considerable evidence has been gathered showing that the personalized care you receive from in-home therapy boosts the healing process. Because patients are able to perform exercises or other therapy tasks in a stress-free environment with personal attention from a licensed professional, in-home therapy sessions can be more focused and intensive. By limiting distractions, you can concentrate more of your time on learning the techniques that you need to perform each day to help you to reach your goals.


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