Our specialties

Hand Therapy

Do you have pain in your wrist, hand, or fingers that prevents you from gripping/pinching objects, such as with opening jars or holding your toothbrush? 

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Memory and Cognition

Assessment and treatment for memory and cognitive disorders can be very complex due to the wide variety of causes and diagnoses of each condition which

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Goodcare AtHome Rehab employs therapists who specialize in providing outpatient therapy for a number of women’s and men’s health conditions. We offer pelvic floor therapy

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Prevent Fall Related Death

Rehab to Home

The founder of Goodcare AtHome Rehab identified a gap in therapy services that left her patients, who weren’t eligible to receive home health services, not

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Low Vision

Goodcare AtHome Rehab offers occupational therapists who specialize in vision related deficits and how they affect your ability to care for yourself or complete daily

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Fit 2 Function

Goodcare AtHome Rehab is now offering an innovative and exciting new program called Fit 2 Function! This fun and engaging program is designed for: Those

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