Fit 2 Function

Goodcare AtHome Rehab is now offering an innovative and exciting new program called Fit 2 Function!

This fun and engaging program is designed for:

  • Those who desire to age well with the strength, endurance, and balance it takes to maintain their home and an active lifestyle;
  • Those who reside in a senior community but do not have wellness services available; 
  • Those who are transitioning off of a therapy plan of care, but desire for continued, individual sessions to maintain what was achieved in therapy;  
  • Are participating in our Otago Fall Reduction program and would like a F2F coach to assist with those exercises;
  • Have barriers in traveling to a gym or fitness class;
  • Would like someone to motivate or guide them to continue to work toward their fitness goals.

Our F2F coaches, who are Certified Senior Fitness Specialists, will complete the initial consultation, discuss your goals, and make recommendations for your individualized program unless otherwise directed by a licensed therapist.  

This program is not covered by insurance due as fitness services aren’t deemed medically necessary.  If you have a medical condition, where your needs may meet medical necessity, or any other questions about the program, please contact our office at 605-231-2490 for further discussion.


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