Is Parkinson’s keeping you from Speaking Out?

Communication is key to connecting with others. Are you having difficulties? We can help you Speak Out!®

Goodcare AtHome Rehab offers Speech Therapy with Speak Out!® trained therapists.

Is Parkinson’s keeping you from Speaking Out? Parkinson’s disease can cause difficulty communicating through a variety of ways including: monotone speech, breathy or hoarse voice quality, slurred speech, or speech that is too fast or too slow. These difficulties may be caused by changes in the motor system, cognitive changes, and a decline in breath support. Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) can help target all of these areas to improve speech, voice, and overall communication. Some things that may indicate a need for a referral to a speech language pathologist include: people having difficulty hearing you, difficulty being understood in a noisy room, difficulty maintaining personal and social relationships because of voice issues, having to strain to use your voice, unpredictable voice clarity, people asking about your voice, and feeling like you run out of air when talking. 

There are research based programs that are proven to improve voice quality and speech intelligibility in people with Parkinson’s. Speak Out!® is one of these programs. The program was founded by the Parkinson Voice Project, a nonprofit organization. 

The Speak Out!® program utilizes education, therapy, and a group setting to help people with Parkinson’s improve their speech and voice, allowing them to communicate more effectively with friends and family. The Speech Language Pathologist facilitates exercises through a workbook to learn and apply strategies and techniques to improve speech and voice and carryover these techniques to everyday speech.

The theory behind the program is to speak with intent and turn speech as an automatic function to an intentional motor movement, which improves volume and clarity. The program targets all areas of speech, from voice warm ups, functional phrases and sentences, and conversational speech. This hierarchy helps the strategies carry over into everyday use. A continuation of the program, called the Loud Crowd, which completes group lessons to maintain progress and provide a support system is available too. For more information about Speak Out!®, visit

If you are wondering if you or a loved one would benefit from the Speak Out!® program, or any therapy services, reach out to us at or call us at 605-231-2490.

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